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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 15, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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via on the verge of war in the middle east, it is our top story seen around the country tonight missiles flying the death toll climbing as tensions reached a boiling point in the mideast israel continuing to hammer retaliating for rocket attacks against southern israel both sides exchanging fires today over gaza leading to nearly 20 deaths troops have been sent to the border into military commanders in israel at a ground invasion saying if i were a senior activists i would look for a place to hide on " they're
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working behind the scenes trying to stop the fighting and here in chicago local palestinian supporters gathered to protest the israeli response to the attacks at the president's reelection headquarters in downtown chicago it wanted obama to pressure the israeli government to end their attack saying they have been brutally occupied protesters say this is the second time the president has refused to condemn israel they point to four years ago when the president elect obama did not address earlier attacks of that time a tragic train crash killed 4 during a veterans day parade earlier today. more than two dozen people were injured faye bakker had been planned for tonight is a hunting trip tomorrow however organizers say all activity has been halted. >> ask either 28 workers to
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return to work or they will liquidate the whole company there will be in an announcementan announcement in the morning. they lost everything if you don't stand up now what are you going to stand up? union leaders say people are fed up after years of drastic wage and benefit concessions and a lingering bankruptcy workers are drawing a line in the sand even if it cost them their jobs. >> nothing has gone better, it's getting worse. they're gathering to show support for their brothers and sisters in cases where they are striking like peoria where chris pruitt works.
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union chiefs here in the chicago land areas say that wage concessions were supposed to help bolster the struggling company. the machinery and technology to improve the business so they create more jobs and they are around longer. in a statement the head of the bakery and confectionery union accuses the company's ceo of awarding himself a 300 percent raise. >> meier rum and manuals six and a half billion dollar budget for next year at city council his budget passed 46-3 and they did not need aldermen sandy jackson's vote. it's a budget that i think fundamentally balances our budget but it does it by not raising property taxes, not raising sales tax
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not raising the energy tax. 9 million more would be invested in early childhood education after-school programs and jobs children's eye exams and programs to address domestic violence. her husband congressman jesse jackson is still absent from congress as a cloud of federal investigation surrounds them. missing another city council meeting that makes two in a row for this month alone.
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impatient politicians appear to want the congressman to come forward with the truth about his campaign finances for the sake of the second district. if it's beyond a health issue its and urgency and necessity for the congressman to come to terms with the fact that he has to make a decision very very soon. out of respect for his constituents. as city hall sympathy seemed to lie with sandy jackson as the alderman wife and mother who is keeping everything at tied both professionally and personally she has the worst attendance record of any aldermen yet no one is pushing mrs. jackson to do more today she missed the city's big budget vote. this is a unique situation for her book as a parent and as an alderman.
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i don't think this budget but was essential but i do think it is essential for the congressman to start conversations with his constituents. all of your comments should go to the person that you are talking about. p.m. our priority is for children. last night's speaking exclusively to us she says that she is handling all of the pressure by working for her board which isn't exactly evidenced by her absence today.
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he hasn't worked in six months but steve rowe says that jackson's greatest strength may also be his biggest flop. this was a guy who really didn't play along with the the machine or play the game he was in a prodigious fund-raiser he didn't do a lot with other people and washing tin to work his way up the leadership he kept to himself but when barack obama ascended to the presidency he wanted that bad. >> that senate seat isfrom there we believe the federal agents have continued to investigate mr. jackson where they couldn't get him perhaps.
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what will happen next with the jacksons is likely up to them and we hope to find out soon. a number of chicago aldermen are urging lawmakers in springfield to allow undocumented immigrants to get a driver's license they say extending driving privileges could affect some 250,000 in illinois alone there would be trying to drive in test of like everybody else and will also have to be in short as well as being no longer afraid of being deported if there ever pulled over by the chicago police and there are other benefits as well to society. >> that's revenue after revenue for illinois, and extra push in the economy for the insurance that would be bought it's a big impact.
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>> the alderman points to the states of new mexico and washington which already give driving permits to undocumented immigrants there has been a 25% decrease in both drunk driving accidents and traffic fatalities they say a judge's issuing a temporary stay today preventing the city from granting a demolition permit to the women's hospital buildings reservationist sued to strike it down to withdraw landmark status but western university now owns the building and they say they want to tear it down. outrage over an ad on cta bosses the entire muslim message that is creating local controversy and more than two weeks after sandy president obama goes to new york to assess the damage and offer help. and chilly temperatures are going away for a while here in chicago.
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ads are now on the sides of buses the billboards the muslim community does not like however they have
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popped up elsewhere in the county the controversial ad reads in any war between the civilized man and the savage support the civilized man support israel and the fiji god it's already been running and other cities including new york detroit and washington d.c. it's financed by pamela gellar a conservative blogger with an organization called the american freedom defense initiative several groups in chicago say the ad campaign is racist. she is essentially sang to feed all muslims, defeat my kid my grandmother, my neighbors it's a silly at in their racist add in that sense and it's incredibly misinformed. he's executive director of the council on american islamic relations and say that most people associate the word jihad terrorism which
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he says is completely inaccurate. it is going to school pay your tuition and taxes having two jobs to raise your kids what ever is people go through the daily struggles in order to come on top against the barriers. they did release a statement saying the cta has a legal obligation to run the ads the statement reads in part this cta understands that this ad may be offensive to our customers while courts have ruled that this is the form of protected speech we object to is divisive message i would say that with this present supreme court that this sign however objectionable by certain groups nonetheless i think that it would fall within
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being constitutionally protected by the first amendment. the ad will run for the next four weeks on the 10 cta buses bringing in extra revenue. a computer outage that the way hundreds of continental computer outages is finally fixed it negatively impacted about 200 flights and is also giving refunds to people whose flights were delayed for at least two hours this was the least the third major outage for that airline. the intersection of jackson boulevard finally reopened today the area the reconstruction project now finished after being closed throughout the year also those so-called contras afloat lanes for the cta buses in and around union station area and the last day of the month of the entire length of the upper and
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lower drive will open bringing an end to the massive project that has been under way. partisan bickering takes center stage after the attack that killed four americans and also guilty pleas and billions of dollars, the massive oil spill in the gulf coast from last year. donut. chips, chips! [ female announcer ] silence those tempting
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intelligence committee's got a comprehensive briefing today behind closed doors it shows the ambassador being dragged out of a building and lawmakers opened public hearings to washington lawmakers spend thursday pressing for answers on how u.s. ambassador in three other americans were killed during the september 11th the tax in bed gauzy capitol hill became home to multiple hearings on the tense investigation including funding for security at the consulate. i listened to my colleagues to talk about president barack obama and others in the administration using terms of deliberate lies but you want to know who is responsible in this path by yourself a mirror. david petra
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resignedeus last week admitted to an extramarital affair, more recently the resignation has opened up even more questions such as what is contained in the reports he prepared following his visit to ben gazhi, and susan rice and her role she is a possible replacement for secretary of state hilary clinton who could be leaving that post early next year. now president obama has been called the name of the person who has the actual vehicle used to misinform the american people during this crisis. he will also testify next month before the house foreign affairs committee about the attack in libya. the cia is
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now doing its own investigation of the former cia director he resigned after admitting to an affair with his biographer paul brought well. fbi agents found classified documents in broadbills home and her security clearance as a restorer of intelligence officer has been lifted. bp and a small handful of employees are indicted on criminal charges. thaw it was april 2010 and a deepwater horizon break when it exploded off the east coast 11 workers were killed more than 200 million gal. of oil leaked continuously they've been indicted on charges ranging from manslaughter to obstruction of congress federal officials blame bp succession to profits for this bill. president obama
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focusing attention today on the east coast he was checking in on the area devastated by sandy he visited new jersey shortly after that storm so this was his first trip to see what happened in new york and he says it's times like these that we come together as americans. during difficult times like this we are reminded that we are bound together and we have to look out for each other and a lot of the things that seem important the petty differences melt away. >> several storm victims have slammed the government's slow response to their needs. >> coming up a near-death experience that leaves a firefighter to the man who saved his life years ago. and also a hormone that may actually help
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men stay faithful.
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>> >> soft drinks account for 6 percent of calorie consumption but people should consider a booze a big calorie culprit as well as accounting for 5% of daily inintake playing may help children develop work skills for the future is specifically a job in medicine high-school students outmatched residents in surgical stimulation according to a new study they found that hours of repetitive joyce dick maneuvers provided superior i hand coordination necessary to operate minimally invasive and
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robotic tools for surgery. oxytocin is associated with nursing and child birth and associated behavior but when men have high levels they bring resist sexual temptation, they were able to keep their distance from attractive women and remained faithful in monogamous relationships. up next to tom skilling has one of the nicest forecasts we will probably see for a long time. >> quite a story in chicago firefighter meets the man who saved his lif
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water is literally submerging to the beach. this could just last for days up to thanksgiving home. we thank you for those of course we had a beautiful day in chicago, lots of sunshine. we
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continue the third consecutive below normal month terror after the record-breaking string of 11 months of above normal. and yet we are warming albeit slowly tonight. we are essentially pushing the arctic air back up into canada. getting more maritime type air mass. the jet streams are blowing from west- east one across canada and another across the southern united states. that to point
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indicates that we're going there. we will have some patchy fog across the metro area. here you can see the cold air polling north we get into '50s by day a little cooler at the lake and then storms hitting the west coast. that next week by
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wednesday has us up against 60. temperatures tomorrow though may touch 50 and go into the fifties on saturday and sunday. one more day below normal here is this nor'easter. the winds are blowing from the northeast we
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are sandwiched in between high and dry for all of this. for tonight partly cloudy 28-40 to range. tomorrows sunshine after the clouds lift. partly cloudy and 36 to a long night. and maybe low '50's at the shoreline. i think i would take
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>> his name is rick paid in a cuban kid whose family lost everything under fidel castro and came to chicago as political refugees and on a snowy november
9:39 pm
night their lives were about to be turned upside down again by an apartment fire on this very night nearly half a century ago. this beam that's going across you can see the alligator charging that is still on here from the fire that was 49 years ago. one minute before midnight in 1963, he was 5 years old and it sound asleep in his family's apartment. >> that was the neighbor's apartment that actually knocked on our door and woke us up and pretty much started the ball rolling. snow on the ground, the closest firefighters were on track 44 they had just fought and extra alarm fire that included a rescue when they got the call, fire on melrose people track firefighter ed the already exhausted could have used a coffee and a break. they
9:40 pm
said it's a grandpa and a little kid so i was there. >> rex grandfather held him tightly as they felt their way down the stairs but he slipped away. >> i don't know if he couldn't see me because it was so dark in here and full of smoke but at this point somebody grabs me, somebody grabs him and we go down the stairs into the amount of heat and smoke that was coming up the stairwell i can still remember, i have a very very good memory. >> the little guy win backing for his slippers so i told the little guy wreck hold your hand with grandpa now when we get clear you just remember that you help get grandpas and you saved his life. >> the scarified year-old boy is now fire lt. lt.
9:41 pm
rick they go. vega. >> it means everything to me you could cut me and i believe it truck 44. he graduated from the fire academy in the '80s believed that he would be assigned to his truck truck 44 it did happen and after a few years of paying his dues learning how to risk his life to save others he found his way back to the fire station. as decades past trick and eddie's story were put together. and he said i remember an old man being upstairs and i think any choreographed the old man and you. and later on i said you are kidding me. i'm getting grabbed and sunday had my grandfather by the arm to with the help of a
9:42 pm
commanding officer he went to work searching for the hand written journal of truck 44 is rescues on the night of the maverick 15th 1963. when i look november 15, 1963. >> when i looked at this, my hair stood up. from the fire back in '63 it says here at 10:00 p.m. he is on watch. they share something else perhaps tightly woven into a grid of all firefighters, the desire to give back. if i can persuade some need to become a firefighter than it really has gone full circle hasn't it? >> bacon now has 30 years of experience and did age 55 he is hoping to make... of truck 44.
9:43 pm
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whatever it takes, get to sears super saturday with friday preview! with 60% off sweaters for the family. this led tvfor just $119.99. and this craftsman impact wrench, for $89.99. this is how to gift. this is sears. >> food and drug administration now investigating a possible link between the popular self- described energy drinks and more than one dozen deaths, reports of 13 deaths over the years lake involvement with 5 our energy it's mentioned in about 90 filings with the fda including serious or life-threatening injuries but the company says it contains the same amount of caffeine as 12 ounces of the
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leading premium coffee. >> some interesting graphics to show you on these storms. look how persistent this east coast is going to be as a wind mass tomorrow evening here is saturday and sunday evening winds are still roaring up to 40 mi. per hour in the purple area. we could have northeast winds blowing out on the east coast port for five days. 44-five days.
9:48 pm
these are some totals at some cities out there, portland oregon could see 2.78 in.. look at this knows that are expected to fall out there as well. you will notice that they stay well north of chicago. and we are going to warm up. here is the seventh daythe seven day forecast. a day with increasing cloudiness and the only rain that we see. and that is not a big deal the 60 on wednesday and fifties anyway on thanksgiving day.
9:49 pm
the salvation army celebrated the 35th in will creative whites evening. it is the famous red cattle campaign that generates nearly 70 percent of the money needed year round for them to supply programs and services to people in need. coming up brian r. lacher with some very candid comments on concussions. o it read
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and with it the lowdown on jake color. rich king with a low down on j. cutler. the low down on j. cutler. this was the first maine quarterback
9:53 pm
at practice and j. cutler was unable to go. after suffering a concussion monday night. he did not practice today and that is about all i can really tell you. as a general rule we would like four guys to get released by friday some type of practice work in. he said that brian did not back off his position. >> there are points in every game where you get a head to and you are a little woozy. and you think well that was a good one but i don't know how they can lie to you guys with who is
9:54 pm
concuss into is not, i don't think that helmets are very good we wear old helmets but we do not get concussed so i think a lot of that has to do with the kind of helmets. it is your career and it is your life, you have to make the best of it and some guys have started down because of that it's just the value that you put out there for football i guess if i got concuss the lot i probably wouldn't keep flying. the huskies wrapped up their title the 31-34 winner over toledo. jordan lynch became the first player in history to... 569 yds
9:55 pm
in total offense ozzie in town to watch some depaul basketball but they never let against gardner ... know when you talkthe final was 71-59 jackie carmichael ties him on a layup, the game go into overtime the cubs have signed the catcher navarro to a
9:56 pm
contract. that is the news for this thursday night.
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